Reclaiming Community.
Reimagining Care.

Hopebound creates space for every young person to show up as their whole selves along their journey to wellness. Revolutionizing the world of mental health care as you know it, so it can become care that knows you.

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Here’s how we revolutionize mental health:

  • One on one individualized teletherapy sessions
    No watching the clock while sitting in after-school traffic here
  • Low to no-cost sliding scale options
    We will never turn away a client for inability to pay, and our sessions will never cost more than $30
  • Care without the code-switch
    Our cohort of emerging clinicians often share backgrounds and lived experiences with the young people we serve, making it easier for our clients to show up as their whole selves

Hopebound works to revolutionize access to mental health and wellness support for young people from historically marginalized communities.

Hopebound has provided more than 3000 low or no-cost therapy sessions since June 2020.

The Hopebound Experience

We serve all adolescents, but have a particular focus on under-resourced adolescent populations such as those who come from low income communities, people of color, LGBTQIA+, in foster care, experiencing houselessness, or are involved in the juvenile justice system.

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  1. You give us the 411

    When you sign up your child, you’ll complete a brief seven question form to help us get to know you and your young person better. If we determine they’re a good fit for our services, someone from our team will reach out with next steps.

  2. Then, it’s time for Hopebound 101

    Next, we will give you all of the tools, resources and connections to begin your and your child’s journey to wellness with Hopebound. We’ll give you all of the details about how we work, make sure you know all the ins and outs of our process, and then, connect you with a rockstar emerging clinician from our team who you’ll meet before the official sessions kick off!

  3. Finally – your young person’s 1-on-1

    All systems are a go! From here, your child will begin weekly sessions until the end of April, and you’ll have monthly 30-minute check-ins with their clinician to make sure you have all the resources you need to support them at home.

From Hopebound Parents and Guardians

This is our 3rd year working with Hopebound. Hopebound continues to provide excellent service and each clinician has become apart of our family, helping us communicate more efficiently, create better coping skills, and helping us to see life through another lens. I am forever grateful that I found Hopebound!

From Adolescents

My counselor is a perfect fit. They understand my struggles as a young person in this day and age. I have learned time management and the importance of self-recognition and self-love. I want to keep meeting with my counselor because I feel like it is making a positive change in my life.

From Hopebound Parents and Guardians

We’ve been with Hopebound for two years and so much has changed and developed with my daughter. She’s had support navigating friendships, impulsiveness, and maintaining a positive outlook. It’s been fantastic seeing her grow and use the tools provided to her.

From Adolescents

I have learned that it’s not a bad thing to go to counseling. I feel like it is helping me by teaching me more about myself. I felt really depressed and now I don’t feel as sad as I did before. I learned it’s good to have a plan to help when I feel that way.

From Hopebound Parents and Guardians

My children adore their therapists (as do we) and seem to have a much greater understanding of their emotions. They can now articulate their feelings with each other (and us parents) when they’re upset. I feel like this came at exactly the right time. It’s been a gift. It has been incredible to see their growth in such a short time. I think having a neutral, relatable third party in their corner helps them feel heard and understood in a way they hadn’t felt before. I’m so happy we did this and honestly, I think doing it digitally/virtually makes all the difference.

From Adolescents

It helps me identify what I’m feeling and why, gives me coping methods, and lets me express my bottled up feelings. I have learned how to identify and cope with sudden feelings of anxiety, and that I am not as alone as I would think.

Who We Work With

family smiling

Directly with families to support adolescents through affordable & proven therapy interventions

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Provide teletherapy to under-resourced middle & high school students at no or low cost


Partner with schools & community programs in Georgia & New Jersey

We offer workshops & group counseling to our community partners at no or low cost