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We are dedicated to revolutionizing access to mental health care for adolescents from marginalized communities.

Who We Are


As a former middle school teacher in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, our founder, Christina Guilbeau, saw the impact of the lack of accessible mental health services in our schools firsthand. 

She also experienced the difficulties of navigating the mental health care system as a Black woman whose struggles began in adolescence. Christina came to understand the challenges of the licensure process for mental health clinicians when her close friends and family members began to pursue various graduate degrees in the field, and she felt they were an under-leveraged resource given the insufficient amount of providers in our country. She was then motivated to virtually connect adolescents in need of accessible mental health support with highly-motivated and supervised clinician interns in need of licensure hours.

Christina holds a B.A. in Psychology from Amherst College and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she earned a Certificate in Social Innovation and Public Management. She was one of two students to receive the Stanford Social Innovation Fellowship in 2019, which provided her with the funding to launch Hopebound.

Outside of work, Christina enjoys exploring Atlanta, traveling. and spending time with her friends and family, including her husband Logan and their young son Cooper.


As Chief Community Officer, Tenijah Hamilton stewards the growth and development of the Hopebound community through relationship building and partnership cultivation. A seasoned strategist and storyteller, Tenijah is also charged with building out the narrative framework of the organization to further evangelize the important work Hopebound undertakes.

Since earning her Bachelors in Mass Communications, Creative Writing and Film and Media studies from the University of West Georgia, Tenijah has worked at the intersection of youth and social impact. Most recently she led the very first youth facing program for NOVA on PBS, the longest running primetime science documentary series, further cementing her dedication to empowering the next generation.

In addition to her work at Hopebound, Tenijah hosts and produces a podcast called Bring Birds Back about conservation efforts by formal and citizen scientists that are impacting birds, through the lens of intersectionality and environmental justice. In her spare time she can be found hanging out with her partner Ryan and their very chatty cat Aotearoa, in Atlanta where they live.

Our Clinicians

Lilianne Amaral

Cydney Jones

Cydney Jones

Taria Langston

Taria Langston

De'Leon Martin

De’Leon Martin

Lawrenn Mathis-Young

Lawrenn Mathis-Young

Shaneka Swaby

Shaneka Swaby

Ashley N. Way

Ashley N. Way

Clinical Supervisors

Rick Bevacqua LCSW, ACS

Brentia Caldwell Ed.S., LPC, ACS

Jose Alberto Cruz Chevez MBA, LCSW

Cha'Ke'Sha Spencer

Cha’Ke’Sha Spencer LPC, CPCS

Community Engagement Staff

Karen Hernandez

Spanish Language Interpreter

Rochelle Thompson

Parent & Caregiver Liaison

Art by Morgan Harper Nichols

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