The Hopebound Experience

One-on-One Therapy

Caregivers are an essential part of the Hopebound experience.

Whether a child’s caregiver is their parent, grandparent, foster parent, sibling or someone else entirely, you are our strongest partner in helping your child live their best life.


Caregivers will fill out the pre-screening tool on our website. We can then make sure your child is a good fit for the program and we will be able to meet their needs. If we can’t meet your family’s needs for any reason, we will refer you to other resources.


If your child is a good fit for Hopebound, we will send you an email with more information and invite you to join our teletherapy software, called SimplePractice.


You, as the caregiver, will complete consent forms. If they are old enough, your child will complete a written assessment to share more about their personality and a background information form.


Your child will be matched with a counselor based on the information we’ve collected from you.


Your child’s counselor will reach out to schedule an initial conversation with you, the caregiver, to better understand your child’s needs and your goals for therapy.


The counselor will schedule a first session with your child after meeting with you, their caregiver.


Your child will meet with their counselor during the school year once a week through our teletherapy platform. They will be individual private sessions conducted remotely.


You, the caregiver, will meet with your child’s counselor once a month to discuss how he/she is responding to counseling. The content of your child’s sessions will be kept private but this is a good time to talk about the progress they are making.


At the end of the school year, all families will be sent resource guides with state-specific mental health resources to ensure your child can continue to seek help over the summer if they need it. All families will also be given the opportunity to renew their participation with Hopebound for the following school year with a new counselor.