The Hopebound Experience

Caregivers are an essential part of the Hopebound experience.

Whether a child’s caregiver is their parent, grandparent, foster parent, sibling or someone else entirely, you are our strongest partner in helping your child live their best life. Keep scrolling to get a step by step guide to beginning with Hopebound.

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Sign Up!

There are two ways to sign up for one on one individualized therapy sessions with Hopebound.

If you are a parent/caregiver, (or age 18/a legally emancipated minor) express interest by completing the intake form on the Sign Up page.

If you are associated with one of our community partners, reach out to your school/program’s administration or staff to receive a referral.

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Meet the Hopebound Team

Once your intake paperwork or your referral has been processed, a Hopebound team member will reach out to have a conversation with you to ensure all your questions are answered.

During this call we will focus on understanding any areas of concern for your young person, (ex: social emotional needs, your child missing homework assignments, increased anxiety and irritability etc.), access (technology and space), time commitments and more.

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Complete your paperwork

Next, you will receive paperwork by way of Simple Practice from our Senior Director of Operations, Ian Smith. They will then guide you through the steps, timeline and options to contribute to cost-sharing for sessions.

As a reminder, payment for sessions is completely based on the honor system—we do not verify income or accept insurance. However, cost-sharing with Hopebound (between $1- $30 per session) will help us to offset the costs we pay to run this service (nearly $1,000 per child!)

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Schedule a call with your assigned counselor

Once your paperwork is in, your child’s assigned clinician will contact you to have an introductory call to set expectations and give you strategies for success to incorporate with your child when they’re at home.

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Sessions Begin

Sessions will begin the following week and are conducted for approximately 1 hour each week through the end of April. Throughout this time, your child’s clinician will be taking notes to discuss with their licensed clinical supervisors to ensure that their approach is the right one.

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Schedule monthly check in

Your clinician will check in with you monthly, and at least once during the school year, you will have an opportunity for a family conversation with your child and their clinician! And in April, you will have the opportunity to share feedback and renew for next year if you so choose!