Apply to Hopebound’s Inaugural Youth Advisory Board

Join Our First Youth-led Cohort of Mental Health Changemakers! Applications due by 5/15

Apply Here

One of our deepest held values at Hopebound is “nothing about us, without us.” 

That means, as we work to revolutionize the world of mental healthcare for young people, especially those who hold historically marginalized identities, we know we cannot do that work without young people. And that’s where you come in. 

Hopebound is proud to officially announce that applications are open for our inaugural Youth Advisory Board. You, as a part of this exceptional group of tweens, teens, and young adults will work alongside our team to collaborate on some of our most exciting and impactful projects to date, and help advise us on what you want to see from Hopebound.

Here are some qualities that you have as a YAB member: 

  • You’re Curious: Even your questions have questions and you’re excited to learn more about youth mental health and working with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), LGBTQ+ youth and those from low-income communities
  • You’re a Team Player: You know the importance of being a leader, a listener and a collaborator—  you are an important piece of the team puzzle. You champion others, encourage people to work together and take pride in what your team creates! 
  • You’re Committed: You take being a board member really seriously and you make time for the commitment in your schedule, and you communicate when there might be conflicts with your time
  • You’re a Creative Thinker: Whether we’re brainstorming community events to throw or creating mental health tip explainer videos for TikTok, you think outside the box and are always willing to share your ideas and listen to others
  • You’re an Advocate: You’re committed to speaking up, advocating for what you believe in, and empowering others to do the same

What you can expect: 

  • Foremost—to be paid for your time. We are excited to be able to offer stipends in recognition of your ideas and collaboration
  • Projects driven by the YAB: We want to know what you want to work on! As a member of the board, you will have an opportunity to lead the charge for some of the projects you feel most passionate about, as well as work with the Hopebound team to dream up more
  • Out of this world professional development opportunities:  Hopebound’s trainings are second to none, and they’ll prepare you well for your next step whether that’s debate team try-outs, college applications or your first job interview. You’ll also have the opportunity to be mentored by staff and others in the Hopebound community

Here’s the nitty gritty: Roles and responsibilities

  • A commitment to at least one virtual call per month.
  • Deep learning about the youth mental health crisis and completion of the #BeThereCertificate
  • Two-four hours per month outside of the call working on board related projects like videos, blogs, research etc.
  • Co-creation/advisement of and for Hopebound’s youth facing evaluation, the Youth Outcome Questionnaire (YOQ).
  • Content creation in the form of a video or blog post at least twice per board term
  • Contributing/presenting to one Hopebound Board of Directors meeting


  • Board members must be between 13-23 years old
  • We have limited space available for a Junior Board Member between the ages of 10-12 who will have reduced responsibilities.
  • Must be willing to serve a 12-month term 
  • Must have comfortability speaking about youth mental health and willingness to uphold our values of inclusion, justice and belonging. 
  • The YAB is open to candidates nationally, but we will prioritize candidates in Georgia and surrounding states

To apply: 

  • By May 15th: Fill out this application telling the Hopebound team about yourself, why mental health matters and how you think you would add to the board. We encourage you to show your personality, share what you really care about and show us your vision for the future
  • You may also choose to submit a video no longer than 5 minutes in total to

As Hopebound strives to center the identities of those who have been historically marginalized, we want to be explicit in encouraging people from those communities (including but not limited to Black, Indigenous folx and other people of color, those a part of the LGBTQ+ community, immigrants, those from low-income backgrounds, and any others that have been underrepresented) to apply to join the board.